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Are You A Liquid Bulk Cargo Owner? Secure Competitive Tank Storage Deals, Even If You Don’t Have The Required Know-How and Time

The process preceding the closure of a tank storage contract can be very complex due to many different aspects. However, it should not cost you much time, effort or internal resources to close a tank storage deal with not just any terminal, but with one that is capable of providing all the services and flexibility you require.

Get your bulk liquid cargo stored with this proven framework, which is based on 4 key aspects:

  • Perfect Terminal Match: Quickly get an overview of terminals that are qualified to handle your cargo
  • Competitive Rates: Benefit from market intelligence to make sure you have several pricing options to choose from
  • Contract Management: Avoid time-consuming negotiations on costly and complex contracts
  • Budget Optimization: Pay a structured commission AFTER the storage contract is signed. No cure, no pay.

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Key aspects all competitive tank storage deals have
What are the aspects that qualify a terminal to handle liquid bulk cargo?
  1. Quickly find terminals with tank storage space available according to required location
  2. Identification of a number of terminals with the required transportation modes (truck, rail, pipeline or deep water connection)
  3. Identification of terminals with the operational assets (tank sizes, dedicated lines, heating and additional services) that match your cargo tank requirements
  4. Fully understand different jetty restrictions and demurrage timings
How fast can you access reliable market data that lead to finding multiple storage options?
  1. Extensive market and network coverage to find storage worldwide
  2. Automated data-gathering processes to quickly identify sets of terminals to choose from
  3. Deep understanding of the technical aspects that influence storage rates
  4. Insightful knowledge in current market structure, supply and demand in every part of the world
How can cargo owners make sure the tank storage contracts they sign fully protect their interests?
  1. Strict confidentiality should be present at all time during the negotiation process
  2. Detailed review of bulk storage strategies for companies with existing storage contracts
  3. Business intermediation to outsource the search, negotiations and follow up of complicated contracts
  4. Review of contract duration, storage rates, contract clauses, location, tank sizes, tank specifications and additional services
What are the aspects that help cargo owners pay less without lowering the quality of the deal?
  1. Review the price per M³/bbl structure to make sure it is competitive
  2. Make sure the closed-agreement fee includes renewal negotiations without extra charges
  3. Avoid unpleasant surprises due to hidden costs; such as cleaning costs, quay dues and overtime charges
  4. Proven know-how to quickly identify if a tank storage contract is balanced
Independent Storage Broker Services, Delivered Worldwide fully acknowledges the importance of aspects such as brokerage to spot storage, tender management, acting as business intermediary, review bulk storage strategies, contract consultancy and benchmark studies to sustain the ongoing growth of the tank storage industry.

We are therefore partnering with RVB Tank Storage Solutions to assist them in gaining wider recognition of their renowned brokerage services across the tank storage industry.